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    Is there anything I should do before I leave New Zealand?

    • Consider taking 2-3 people to the event. It’s good to have someone from your HR/Recruitment team and someone who has the technical knowledge that can talk in depth about the role(s).
      • We recommend that you check your job board applications regularly. You can then pre-qualify and shortlist candidates well in advance. You should also pre-book interviews with candidates you want to make sure you see.
        • General marketing activity is supplied as part of the Hothouse We also suggest you make use of your own Alumni, LinkedIn and Facebook if you have them. Also, use your networks.
          • Work through with your team what is needed so that you are in a positionto offer a job to your dream candidate on the spot. That might include:
            • job descriptions, have some printed copies available
            • agreed sign-off processes, offer boundaries, contracts subject to visa
            • relocation packages - some companies offer relocation support or a contribution to make themselves more attractive to candidates. This might include monies towards organising their visa and paying for accommodation for the first couple of weeks when they arrive. This is at the discretion of the employer and is not expected by candidates. Being clear on what you are prepared to offer will give you more bargaining power at the Hothouse.
            • visas - Working In have a team of Licensed Immigration Advisors that are happy to give you advice before you go to the UK (we will also connect you with a Relationship Manager from Immigration New Zealand). INZ will also be present at both events.
          • Organise your company branding for your area. A pop up stand works well with the table and chair format.. Clear simple branding with any key messages including details of the roles you are recruiting for is the most effective. Company brochures/flyers are good to hand-out. Some companies run video on a computer or TV screen. We have a preferred supplier for all your tech needs. Branded t-shirts are also a good idea so that can be easily found in the crowd.
            • And don’t forget to organise call roaming on your phone!

            Is there anything I should be aware of when we are booking our travel arrangements?

            We suggest you arrive a couple of days before so that you can be fresh on the first day, You may also want to allow a couple of days after the London event to carry out some further interviews.

            Book your train ticket between Manchester and London. There’s a fast train – it takes about 2.5 hours from central Manchester (Piccadilly Train Station) to London Euston. It’s a lot easier and quicker to take the train than to take an internal flight.

            Staying at the venue makes it a lot easier for you. We negotiate discounted rates with the hotels on your behalf. You will receive a special promo code in the exhibitor pack.

            How do I get my brochures and stand signage to the UK?

            Rather than you having to carry it all with you, we have a preferred supplier who can transport everything to the UK for you, and even transfer it between Manchester and London. Details including contacts and labelling will be provided in the exhibitor pack.

            What’s the benefit of doing both events?

            It only costs a little extra to do both events and only adds another couple of days onto your whole trip. In terms of ROI, it’s definitely worthwhile you will be able to maximise the number of candidates you can meet.  Both cities supply committed candidates who are looking forward to leaving England for their dream job, but we find that they also offer a different experience.

            How will a candidate know how to find me at the Hothouse?

            All visitors will have access to the Hothouse app with a floor plan of where to find each exhibitor.  They will also be able to access information about you and the roles you are hiring for.

            Can I invite people to the event?

            Yes, of course! Please just send us their email address and we can send them a special code to get a free ticket to attend.

            What should I do when I get back?

            The best advice we can give you is keep in touch with the people you have met. Schedule regular communications with hot candidates and move them through your recruitment pipeline.