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UK Events in September 2017

The UK has consistently proven itself to be the home of in-demand skills. A highly educated population with desirable international work experience representing a wide variety of skills, including construction, healthcare, engineering, IT and education, the Brits are also renowned for being globally-mobile.

Seeking better career opportunities and lifestyles, now is the perfect time to find your new British team member.

Highly targeted employment events are coming up in September 2017 in London and Manchester for New Zealand employers looking to directly recruit skilled Brits leaving their homeland.

As the skills shortages continue to bite and finding local talent becomes increasingly difficult, New Zealand employers recognise that recruiting skilled and experienced workers from the UK offers a cost competitive option. With tens of thousands of Brits consistently moving to New Zealand each year, the UK provides a stream of qualified, experienced and motivated workers.

By attending the largest and longest running international employment immigration events in the UK, New Zealand employers can be assured of meeting highly skilled people before they arrive in New Zealand, solving recruitment issues and winning the war for talent.

Marketing your roles at the events.

Understanding your recruitment requirements and expectations is a crucial part of the pre-expo process.

We run a fully customised marketing programme targeting move-ready professionals, matching their skills and experience with your needs. This is the success factor and what we do best, (we like to think!)

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