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International and local recruitment.

Very few recruitment companies can offer local and international recruitment solutions but we do -genuine international recruitment with a full process designed to attract and manage international candidates in a high-touch process.

With offices in London and Auckland and over a million views on our website each year, our experienced team can find someone from your local area or from anywhere in the world.

We understand the complexities and challenges of recruiting, hiring and delivering employees in a global economy and we know what challenges international hiring brings. But our unique system overcomes those challenges and makes hiring from the global talent pool relatively simple.

Each of our talent sourcing consultants have a great network of local and international candidates-typically our clients use us to find skills that are high in demand but are in short supply in the New Zealand market.

Through the Working In visa team, every international candidate is assessed for New Zealand work visa eligibility before we conduct an interview to ensure the candidate can gain a work visa once they receive a job offer.

Working In’s Licensed Immigration Advisors then manage the candidates work visa process giving you peace of mind that this is being taken care of by the professionals at no extra cost to you. We then manage the candidate until they land in New Zealand and beyond.

At Working In we prefer to focus so we can deliver better results. We are a specialist in the following industries:
• Trades & Construction
• Engineering

Our consultants are very experienced averaging over 10 years recruitment experience each. We know your expectations and deliver with the highest level of service in the spirit of partnership.

To contact our team, simply email us here.